Hops ‘N Hyzers Summer Series

Next League: August 20th at 6:00pm @ Peter Pan
Ace Pot: $536

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I am very excited to team up with Radius Brewing Company and Dynamic Discs to bring Hops N Hyzers back for the summer 2019 season!

Hops N Hyzers T-Shirts are now available!

Random Draw Best Shot Doubles that rotates between Peter Pan, Jones East, and Jones West, New Life Christian Church, and Hammond Park. Registration will start at roughly 5:00pm each Tuesday with chip draw at 5:30pm, tee off to immediately follow.

  • $10 to play with optional $1 mulligan (you only get one, if used your first shot no longer can be played but your partners can),
  • $5 of your entry goes to the weekly payout, top 50% of the field is paid.
  • $1 of entry goes towards a cash CTP (ex. 20 people play, CTP is $20).
  • $4 goes to the Ace Pool, the pool pays out 3/4ths on a progressive schedule. The more leagues you’ve attended, the more you’ll be paid out! If we are on week 10, you’ve attended 2 leagues, and the pot is at $400 you will receive 20% of the 3/4ths, so $60. If you’d played all 10 weeks you would receive the entire $300! It pays to play!
    • Additionally, 100% of the Ace Pool raised the week of an ace being hit will be included in your Ace Payout. If we use the example given above, if 20 people play week 10, the $80 raised that week will be added to your ace winnings.
  • All funds paid for missing weeks will go straight to the Year End, mulligan dollars will go towards the Ace Pool. Whatever funds left in the Ace Pool will also be put into the Year End. If an ace is hit during the Year End, $5 from individual payouts will be given for each ace hit.
  • For the summer series, there will be no handicap system. If attendance demands, we will play A pool/B pool.

League lasts 16 weeks, you must attend at least 1 to play in the Year End. You pay $4 for each week missed. The Year End will be held on August 22nd, consisting of a single free-to-play round for those that have attended at least 1 week and paid $4 for each week missed. Every team at the Year End will cash, location is still TBD. The payout is spread pretty evenly in $10 increments, for example; 1st $300, 2nd $290, 3rd $280, etc. We will gather at Radius Brewing Company immediately following the Year End round to celebrate until the raised funds run dry.

Best of all, each week after the League Round, we will go to Radius Brewing Company to enjoy $2 pints and special pricing on Appetizers and Pizza!

Take a look at the spreadsheet for the entire schedule and track how many leagues you’ve made.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on Facebook (Derek Savory), or by e-mail (reksav@gmail.com).